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Water Is Life

Water is life. Without water, we die. Access to clean, plentiful water is a human necessity and right.   But human activities are abusing this vital force and future public access to water is now in doubt. We are the abusers … Continue reading

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Storm Water Management versus Ecological Restoration–a review of Pond #1

Fraying of Social and Ecological Connections Sometimes changes to landscape features happen so gradually, and over such a long time frame that we come to take them for granted. If we see them at all, we consider them part of … Continue reading

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A Look at Storm Water Management Pond #5

The City of Madison Engineering Division has, over the years as the City has expanded, installed six storm water detention ponds on UW-Madison Arboretum property.  This is Pond #5 on Monroe Street. The storm water pond in Curtis Prairie is … Continue reading

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Leopold’s Arboretum–It’s Drowning in Stormwater and Needs Upstream Help

One of the questions that this blog asks is how the science and practice restoration ecology is utilized to address environmental issues and restoration opportunities in urban areas.   This blog examines the challenges and opportunities of restoration ecology through … Continue reading

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Madison’s Freshwater Resources

This early point in 2015 is a good opportunity to share with you the subjects this blog will cover in the coming year. Among the topics we will be reporting on include, the springs and Madison’s other freshwater resources; restoration … Continue reading

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Fitchburg’s Rapid Land Use Expansion Plans Raise Concerns

Madison, WI February 28, 2014—On Tuesday February 25 the Fitchburg (Dane County, WI) City Council approved plans to expand sewer and water service to just over 900 acres of open space in the uplands south-east of Madison and overlooking Lake … Continue reading

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Image of The Week, January 20, 2013

Cherokee Drive Storm Water Channel

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Start of Controversial Monroe St. Project Validates Neighborhood Concerns About Storm Water Runoff

From the moment this project was first proposed in the Spring of 2013, neighbors and the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association (DMNA) were concerned that sediment and phosphorous-laden storm water would drain off of the site above and run into the nearby … Continue reading

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How The Verona Road Interchange Project Impacts Its Neighborhood

Madison, WI  November 25, 2013–Those of you who travel Midvale Boulevard and Verona Road or the West Beltline Highway (HIghways 12 & 18 & 151) on Madison’s near SW side are aware of the massive reconstruction and reconfiguration of the … Continue reading

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