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Part III: History of MidWestern Prairie Restoration

Research and Contributions to Restoration As one of the research centers of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the Arboretum has a long legacy of research and scholarship. The Arboretum’s work has resulted in, among other things, the development of prairie planting … Continue reading

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Process to Eradicate Japanese Knotweed Along SW Bike Path Continues

City of Madison Engineering Announces Management Plans to Continue Multi-Year Control Effort The City of Madison Engineering Division has announced vegetation management plans for this fall that will follow-up on work done the earlier two years to contain, and eventually … Continue reading

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Observations Made on Visit to Duck Pond Springs

During a routine observational visit to the Duck Pond Springs today I was surprised to find  the area overgrown with the aquatic weed, watercress (Nasturtium officinale) and a variety of other non-native pest plants that are well-established in the surrounding … Continue reading

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Greater Celandine–Watch for this Pest Plant

This plant is recognized by its yellow, four-parted flowers arranged in a small umbel-like cluster.  It blooms from May to August.  It likes disturbed areas, moderate soil moisture, and dabbled shade.  Celandine poppy is often found growing in association with … Continue reading

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Curtis Prairie Self-Guided Walking Tour

Visitors to the UW-Madison Arboretum can now walk the trails and learn about urban impacts on the Arboretum as they follow the path of  storm water runoff as it flows through Curtis Prairie, “the world’s oldest ecologically restored prairie”,  courtesy … Continue reading

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Purple Loosestrife Persists in Lake Wingra Wetlands

Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) the introduced, invasive pest plant of wetlands and other habitats, and known for its showy rose-purple flowers, is having a very good year in the wetlands and near-shore areas of Lake Wingra. Purple loosestrife is a … Continue reading

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Underused Garlic Mustard Control Strategy?

The question of the day for all you garlic mustard pullers out there is this: Are you using all the tools and best management practices that you know of to battle the pest species? Of course you are, but what … Continue reading

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