About This Blog

In this blog we’ll talk about human activities that have impacts–either beneficial or detrimental–on the ecosystems, plant/animal communities, and ecosystem processes of the Lake Wingra Watershed.  We’ll also look at ways in which humans–through ecological restoration–can produce desirable outcomes for plant communities/ecosystems, and thus the larger social/cultural context.

Restoration is hard work but equally so, restoration is satisfying and fun.  Local restoration projects are great places to volunteer.  Here you can get to know your neighbors, increase your plant and bird ID skills, and do some small good for the local environment in the process.  We will shine a light on those community-based restoration projects that do a good job and are a model of civic involvement.

Our blog beat includes the natural springs of the Lake Wingra Watershed, the watershed and lake itself, all through a social, cultural, and ecological lens.  We will focus on  storm water management, and neighborhood-based restoration projects, and other environmental activities in the watershed.

Increasingly, the blog will talk about the climate emergency we face and the need for immediate action to quit using fossil fuels, if we are to avoid creating an uninhabitable Earth.

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