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The Promise and Future of Restoration Ecology

The Promise of Restoration The science and practice of restoration ecology is a forward-looking, multifaceted discipline that has both deep roots in the past and a future-oriented perspective. Although a young discipline, restoration ecology has a remarkable history and a … Continue reading

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Authors say “Novel Ecosystems are a Trojan Horse for Conservation”

Because “they provide a license to trash nature if they provide ecosystem services”,  according to a recent article in Ensia, by Daniel Simberloff, Carolina Murcia, and James Aronson.  Ensia is an online  “magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action”, and published by … Continue reading

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Negotiating Restoration Policy and Outcomes in an Urban Environment

One of the lessons of ecological restoration is that it is as much a technical exercise as it is a social and political negotiation about restoration policy and restoration targets and outcomes.   While restoration ecologists are trained to deal with … Continue reading

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Restoration Goals for Novel Ecosystems?

A novel, or emerging ecosystem, is one without an analog in the natural environment that develops in response to radically altered environmental conditions caused by social, economic, or cultural activities.   Novel ecosystems include those with urban soil contaminated by … Continue reading

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