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Midwestern Restorations in the News

Here are some items to add this week’s restoration reading list.   They cover United States and Midwestern US restorations from a variety of scales and points of view.  Topics range from efforts across the United States to usher in … Continue reading

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Portland’s Sustainable Stormwater Management

Portland, Oregon, with a city population of 583,000 and over 2 million in the metro area of 145 square miles receives an average annual precipitation total of just over 37 inches.  When this rainfall hits the ground it becomes storm … Continue reading

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Pheasant Branch Streambank Stabilization

Our topic today is ecological restoration and stream bank stabilization of urban streams– in this case the popular Pheasant Branch in Middleton, Wisconsin. The City of Middleton had previously restored and stabilized the bank of Pheasant Branch between Park Street … Continue reading

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Wetland restoration in Stevens Point to fight floods | Wausau Daily Herald | wausaudailyherald.com

Suddenly, this past week the Mississippi River  is in the news because of the flood waters surging towards New Orleans.  The US Army Corps of Engineers opened the Morganza Spillway on Saturday, a decision that sent flood waters into prime farm land … Continue reading

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