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The Mustard Grove

It may sound like a new upscale restaurant or the name of the latest “new urbanism” housing complex in Madison. But it’s none of these, although it is of relatively new origin and is an unusual entity. The Mustard Grove … Continue reading

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Restoration Goals for Novel Ecosystems?

A novel, or emerging ecosystem, is one without an analog in the natural environment that develops in response to radically altered environmental conditions caused by social, economic, or cultural activities.   Novel ecosystems include those with urban soil contaminated by … Continue reading

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Garlic Mustard, Control Advice From the Front Lines

From the wonderful Northern Illinois restoration blog: Prairie Piece: living in harmony with nature comes a new post with comprehensive educational information and control options for dealing with garlic mustard ( Alliaria petiolata). The restoration blogger, VJ Cepa,  speaks from experience … Continue reading

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Garlic Mustard Season

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