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Winter Road Salt a Persistent Impact on Madison Watersheds, Lakes, and Drinking Water

The road salt (usually sodium chloride) applied on our streets, sidewalks, and driveways to make winter driving and walking easier, does not just disappear once the storm is over.  It mixes with melt water or rainfall and washes down the … Continue reading

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First Day of Spring 2013 in Lake Wingra Watershed

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An Alternate (Global) View of Phosphorus (P)

Limited Global Supply Spurs Research to Conserve and Reuse Vital Nutrient While Some Seek To Bury (P) In Pond Bottoms Others Strive to Salvage It. Without phosphorus there would be no life.  It is critical from the cell membrane level … Continue reading

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Madison Engineer Reveals Social Experiment Intent of Alum Application

Proposal Designed to Test Public Acceptance of Treating Rainfall As If It Were Part of Sanitary Sewer System Weakened Commitment to Promote Rainfall Infiltration Signals Policy Shift The City of Madison Engineering Division has designed its alum application trial project … Continue reading

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Aldo Leopold and the Lake Wingra Watershed

Aldo Leopold knew the Lake Wingra Watershed like the back of his hand.   One wonders what he would say about its condition today? Leopold lived just outside the Lake Wingra Watershed boundary on Van Hise Avenue near West High School … Continue reading

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Update: Planning Documents for Alum Application Trial

As you recall from yesterday’s post, “Alum Application Trial Public Info Meeting Scheduled”, we requested the trial’s plan and supporting information that will be presented at the meeting on Thursday March 7, 2013.   The plan and other public documents were … Continue reading

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