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Spring Wildflowers

Our cool, wet spring has allowed these beauties to remain in bloom all through May this year.

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Historic Curtis Prairie Film Footage

Rare, historic film footage from the very earliest days of planting Curtis Prairie, the world’s first restored prairie, comes to us via Diane Garey of Florentine Films and Holt Productions. This short video clip from the longer Florentine Films production, … Continue reading

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Wetland restoration in Stevens Point to fight floods | Wausau Daily Herald |

Suddenly, this past week the Mississippi River  is in the news because of the flood waters surging towards New Orleans.  The US Army Corps of Engineers opened the Morganza Spillway on Saturday, a decision that sent flood waters into prime farm land … Continue reading

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SW Bike Path Volunteer Work Party

Glenway/Bike Path Prairie Work Party on Saturday May 21. A note from Sandy Stark, chair DMNA bike path committee “Hello All, Just a friendly reminder that we’re still scheduled for our first 3rd Saturday-of-the- month volunteer event at the intersection … Continue reading

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Arboretum Big Spring

The Arboretum “Big Spring” is the most well-known of the watershed’s springs.  It is also the largest in terms of gallons per minute of continuous flow,  ranging from 320 gals/min. to over 670 gals./min since 2004 when regular monitoring began. … Continue reading

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Lakeshore Nature Preserve’s Furlough Day of Service

Hey University of Wisconsin-Madison employees, got plans for your furlough day on Monday May 16?  Sure you do,  but why not also make time for a few hours at the Lakeshore Nature Preserve’s Furlough Day of Service.  It will be … Continue reading

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Garlic Mustard: New Perspective on Causes and Controls

Slimy work: UW-Green Bay graduate slugs way to research award | UW-Green Bay | Inside. Phillip G. Hahn, a Ph.D student in zoology at UW-Madison is the alert student researcher featured in this fascinating article.  His findings have implications for … Continue reading

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Lake Researchers Discover Early Signs of Lake Ecosystem Collapse

Don’t worry, it’s not Lake Wingra, yet. Although Lake Wingra is in trouble, it’s not beyond the point of no return. And more good news is that the findings by a collaborative group of universities,  including University of Wisconsin-Madison  limnologist … Continue reading

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