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Congressional Climate Crisis Action Plan Based on Environmental Justice and a Healthy Environment for All Families

Plan Links Restoration of Environmental Justice, Land Health, and Human Health as Critical in Fight Against the Climate Crisis The Solving the Climate Crisis Action Plan, released on Tuesday (July 30, 2020) by the U.S. House of Representatives, “ provides … Continue reading

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Endorsing An Ecological Restoration Mission to Restore Social, Racial, and Environmental Justice.

Basic Assumptions That Underlie Ecological Restoration Like all undertakings in life, ecological restoration is based upon a number of  explicit and implicit assumptions.  This is not a complete list.  Not all restoration ecologists subscribe to all of these assumptions, nor, … Continue reading

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Updates to “America in Crisis” Blog Post

June 2, 2020 Society for Ecological Restoration Issues Statement on Social Justice as a Requirement for  Ecological Restoration Today (June 2, 2020), the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) issued a statement saying that “SER stands united with those demonstrating peacefully to … Continue reading

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America In Crisis–It’s Worse Than You Think

What Can Ecological Restoration Do About It? Monday June 1, 2020 I usually write about environmental topics like water use and issues in ecological restoration, but not today. Given the crisis in America, those topics seem a little small and … Continue reading

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Inspiring Restoration Story from New Zealand

Hugh Wilson, a New Zealand botanist, has spent 30 years regenerating a native forest on degraded farmland on New Zealand’s South Island. Hugh has worked his regeneration magic in the Hinewai Nature Reserve, on the Banks Peninsula, on the Atlantic … Continue reading

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Vanishing Natural Areas

If it seems to you that there are fewer forests, grasslands, wetlands, and other natural places than there were a few years ago, you would be right. And if you think there is a lot more areas in need of … Continue reading

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Recent News About Water

Here are a few recent news items about drinking water, the midwestern floods of Spring 2019, and a legislative proposal (in Wisconsin) to promote hydrological restoration. The Water Access Gap Across the United States From the group comes a … Continue reading

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Low Technology Institute to Sponsor Prairie Seed Collecting Workshop

Upcoming workshop: Learning how to collect prairie seeds October 12, 1-4 pm. The Low-Technology Institute is a Wisconsin-based organization, located near Cooksville, Wisconsin, that promotes “non-industrial, subsistence technology” The seed collecting workshop will be held on a private prairie restoration, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Aldo

January 11, 2019, Madison, WI–On this date in 1887 Aldo Leopold was born in Burlington, Iowa. Because of that event not so long ago, today is a day of celebration, and remembrance for the fans, friends and family of Aldo … Continue reading

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Restoration Ecology in Wisconsin: Selected Photo Highlights from 2018

Below are a few photos from some of the restoration ecology projects that I tracked in 2018.  I have found that restoration ecology is a forward-looking, multifaceted discipline that has deep roots in the past and a future-oriented perspective.   … Continue reading

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