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Some Winter Scenes from the Springs

The snow is deep. The lake is iced over. The springs flow on. Stevens Spring is barely a trickle but the warmth of the ground water and its radiant heat seems to be enough to keep the immediate stream channel … Continue reading

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Images of Winter on the Prairie

Snow-covered Curtis Prairie The prairie continually renews itself by adapting to, and changing with the conditions.  I like to think that visitors to the prairie absorb some of the optimism, sturdiness, and flexibility inherent in the prairie ecosystem. At least … Continue reading

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Leopold’s Arboretum–It’s Drowning in Stormwater and Needs Upstream Help

One of the questions that this blog asks is how the science and practice restoration ecology is utilized to address environmental issues and restoration opportunities in urban areas.   This blog examines the challenges and opportunities of restoration ecology through … Continue reading

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Late Summer Views of Lake Wingra

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Unfortunate Setback to University of Wisconsin and Madison Storm Water Management

Research Shows Constructed Storm Water Wetlands in UW-Madison Arboretum are Releasing Phosphorous Engineers Failed to Account for Critical Variables In Design and Implementation of Storm Water Facility, say researchers. Recently constructed storm water wetlands in the Arboretum are releasing and … Continue reading

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