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Short Global Warming Video

If you have 30 seconds or less,  you can watch 131 years of global warming in this nifty, and sobering NASA video.   As reported in the Spring 2012 issue of Conservation Magazine, NASA took its global surface temperature data and condensed … Continue reading

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Restoration and World Water Day

A big impact on the water quality of Lake Wingra, its watershed, and the UW-Madison Arboretum comes from storm water.  Each year, over 110 million cubic feet (over 822 million gallons; or enough to fill several bathtubs) flows overland picking … Continue reading

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Prescribed Fire–Restoration Management Tool

  In the Upper Midwestern United States on this first day of spring, the prescribed fire season is fast approaching—or is maybe already upon us, for some. So, as we get ready for this spring ritual by checking to make … Continue reading

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Southwest Bike Path Lighting Proposal Update

Project Stirs Emotions and Creativity Lighting Proposal Illuminates Bike Path’s Civic Value A joint proposal from the City of Madison Engineering and Traffic Engineering Divisions in December, 2011 to provide lighting on the Southwest Bike Path Commuter Trail from Breeze … Continue reading

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An Early Spring

Since last Wednesday March 14, the weather in Madison, Wisconsin has been unseasonably warm, with high temperatures around 75F with lows about 60F (compared to a normal hi of 44 and low of 25).  The warmth has brought out the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Restoration Management

Because each restoration site is unique in terms of its original ecological attributes, kinds, extent, duration and  intensity of human disturbance, and management activities, each restoration solution must be unique. There is no silver-bullet: what works (or is claimed to … Continue reading

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