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Cadwallader C. Washburn Spring

Formerly known at the Edgewood Big Spring or Deep Hole spring (Noland, 1951), the Cadwallader Washburn Spring is next to the Edgewood College boardwalk, along the Lake Wingra shoreline.   By the 1980’s and 1990’s the spring had become overgrown … Continue reading

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Malletts Creek Stream Restoration

Let’s return once more this week to our topic of restoration of urban streams.  I know it’s Friday and we may not want a heavy topic to think about over the weekend, but this is an important matter to urbanites. … Continue reading

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Underused Garlic Mustard Control Strategy?

The question of the day for all you garlic mustard pullers out there is this: Are you using all the tools and best management practices that you know of to battle the pest species? Of course you are, but what … Continue reading

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Pheasant Branch Streambank Stabilization

Our topic today is ecological restoration and stream bank stabilization of urban streams– in this case the popular Pheasant Branch in Middleton, Wisconsin. The City of Middleton had previously restored and stabilized the bank of Pheasant Branch between Park Street … Continue reading

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Should We Eat Garlic Mustard, or Not?

A recent article in the May 9 issue of Conservation Magazine online called “Recipe for Disaster? raises concerns about the long-term unintended consequences  of making certain invasive species part of our regular diet.  The article says that concerns include the possibility … Continue reading

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City to Continue Weed Control on SW Bike Path

City Engineer Robert Phillips, P.E. announced yesterday that City (of Madison) Engineering will fund a second year of work to contain, and eventually eradicate,  Japanese knotweed from areas bordering the SW Bike Path.  (See earlier blog post on the status … Continue reading

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Restoration Goals for Novel Ecosystems?

A novel, or emerging ecosystem, is one without an analog in the natural environment that develops in response to radically altered environmental conditions caused by social, economic, or cultural activities.   Novel ecosystems include those with urban soil contaminated by … Continue reading

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Garlic Mustard, Control Advice From the Front Lines

From the wonderful Northern Illinois restoration blog: Prairie Piece: living in harmony with nature comes a new post with comprehensive educational information and control options for dealing with garlic mustard ( Alliaria petiolata). The restoration blogger, VJ Cepa,  speaks from experience … Continue reading

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