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Proposed Nakoma Park Projects to be Discussed at Public Information Meeting

The City of Madison is holding a public information meeting on Tuesday March 10 to discuss two proposed projects for Nakoma Park that would begin in 2015.  The meeting will be held at Thoreau Elementary School, next to Nakoma Park … Continue reading

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Unintended Negative Impacts of City Projects on the SW Bike Path

Madison, Wisconsin residents who live in the neighborhoods that hug the City’s SW Commuter Bike Path are accustomed to City-sponsored projects that go awry, that yield negative impacts from maintenance activities, or that simply produce the opposite of intended outcomes. … Continue reading

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Aldo Leopold and the Lake Wingra Watershed

Aldo Leopold knew the Lake Wingra Watershed like the back of his hand.   One wonders what he would say about its condition today? Leopold lived just outside the Lake Wingra Watershed boundary on Van Hise Avenue near West High School … Continue reading

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Soil Destruction Is What It Is

The dictionary defines erosion as the removal of soil by the action of wind, water, and gravity.  Aldo Leopold said that  “the destruction of soil is the most fundamental kind of economic loss that the human race can suffer.”  (Erosion … Continue reading

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Another View: Duck Pond, Its Springs and Wall


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Duck Pond Springs

The “Duck Pond”, also known as Gorham Spring,  is usually thought of as being fed by one large spring outflow but actually consists of upwelling groundwater that emerges at five points beneath the stone wall at the intersection of Spring … Continue reading

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