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Images of Winter on the Prairie

Snow-covered Curtis Prairie The prairie continually renews itself by adapting to, and changing with the conditions.  I like to think that visitors to the prairie absorb some of the optimism, sturdiness, and flexibility inherent in the prairie ecosystem. At least … Continue reading

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Storm Water Management versus Ecological Restoration–a review of Pond #1

Fraying of Social and Ecological Connections Sometimes changes to landscape features happen so gradually, and over such a long time frame that we come to take them for granted. If we see them at all, we consider them part of … Continue reading

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First Plantings of Curtis Prairie: Implementation, Monitoring, and Research

Introduction This is the second installment in a series of posts on the history of prairie restoration in the upper-midwestern United States. New episodes will appear in this space over the next few months. Last week’s first chapter began the … Continue reading

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The Roots of Prairie Restoration in the Midwest

The work of these scientists and practitioners, which was literally and figuratively groundbreaking, laid down a fertile path that resulted in the emergence of not only the UW-Madison Arboretum’s John T. Curtis Prairie, but also the practice of ecological restoration. Continue reading

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Two Prairies–Pioneers of Ecological Restoration

Curtis Prairie in Madison, and Aldo Leopold’s Prairie near Baraboo, both in Wisconsin are among the earliest attempts that scholars know of to restore a complete ecosystem of any type and are almost certainly among the earliest prairie restoration projects … Continue reading

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Unfortunate Setback to University of Wisconsin and Madison Storm Water Management

Research Shows Constructed Storm Water Wetlands in UW-Madison Arboretum are Releasing Phosphorous Engineers Failed to Account for Critical Variables In Design and Implementation of Storm Water Facility, say researchers. Recently constructed storm water wetlands in the Arboretum are releasing and … Continue reading

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5th World Conference on Ecological Restoration Coming to Madison

Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) Returning to its Roots Conference to Mark 25th Anniversary of the SER’s Founding in Madison Scheduled for October 6 through 11, 2013, this 5th World Conference, with the theme of “Reflections on the Past, Directions … Continue reading

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Curtis Prairie Self-Guided Walking Tour

Visitors to the UW-Madison Arboretum can now walk the trails and learn about urban impacts on the Arboretum as they follow the path of  storm water runoff as it flows through Curtis Prairie, “the world’s oldest ecologically restored prairie”,  courtesy … Continue reading

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Want to Help Curtis Prairie Resist Storm Water Impacts? Here’s How!

We have talked a lot in this blog about the impacts of storm water runoff on the Lake Wingra Watershed in general, and, in particular,  how runoff continues to alter the native plant communities of the UW-Madison Arboretum. What is … Continue reading

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Curtis Prairie, Then and Now: From Grassland to Shrubland

Visitors to the UW-Madison Arboretum this fall have been exclaiming about the brilliant red, orange, and yellow fall foliage colors in Curtis Prairie.  The colors in the western part of Curtis (shown below) are especially vibrant this year. This fall … Continue reading

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