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Schoolyard Environmentalism in the Wingra Watershed

The blogger David Thompson (wingrawatershed.blogspot) has conducted a survey and photo documentation of the public and private elementary schools in the Lake Wingra Watershed to identify sustainable environmental practices and to spotlight areas where improvement is needed.  See his survey … Continue reading

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Misplaced Priorities?

Southern Wisconsin is suffering through a severe drought.  This is the worst drought in 55 years.  Nationwide, 55% of the contiguous United States is in moderate to extreme drought according to the Palmer Drought Index, which measures such things. The previous … Continue reading

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Wingra Watershed Reading List

An Annotated Selection of Some of the Best About the Watershed There are countless books that explore the natural wonders of Wisconsin and our watershed and this list is a small subset of those.   These volumes from my bookshelf … Continue reading

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