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Reading the Landscape

  Reading The Landscape by Steve Glass   The advancing urban glacier is shaping our terrain. Pausing in the prairie of Shoveler’s Sink, at this spot on the Green Bay Lobe, I hear the clamor of its westward surges, driven … Continue reading

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Walker Promises Foxconn Deal Will be “Transformational” for Wisconsin

Some Think What He Has in Mind is Transforming (eliminating) Wisconsin’s Environmental Regulations As you may know, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has signed an incentives agreement with Foxconn, the giant Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, to build a liquid crystal display … Continue reading

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Black Earth Rettenmund Prairie

For no particular reason other than it’s a gloomy, cold mid-December day, I thought it would be good to share some bright, sunny photos from this summer of a spectacular prairie remnant in south-central Wisconsin. Black Earth Rettenmund Prairie State … Continue reading

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Fitchburg’s Rapid Land Use Expansion Plans Raise Concerns

Madison, WI February 28, 2014—On Tuesday February 25 the Fitchburg (Dane County, WI) City Council approved plans to expand sewer and water service to just over 900 acres of open space in the uplands south-east of Madison and overlooking Lake … Continue reading

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What Is Restoration Ecology?

This New Year’s Day 2013 is a good time to preview some of the themes, topics, and watershed developments that will be covered this year. One of the purposes of this blog is to explore the assumptions, challenges, and opportunities … Continue reading

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Lakeshore Nature Preserve’s Furlough Day of Service

Hey University of Wisconsin-Madison employees, got plans for your furlough day on Monday May 16?  Sure you do,  but why not also make time for a few hours at the Lakeshore Nature Preserve’s Furlough Day of Service.  It will be … Continue reading

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