SW Bike Path Volunteer Work Party

Glenway/Bike Path Prairie Work Party on Saturday May 21.

A note from Sandy Stark, chair DMNA bike path committee

“Hello All,

Just a friendly reminder that we’re still scheduled for our first 3rd Saturday-of-the- month volunteer event at the intersection of Glenway and the SW Path, across from the Glenwood Children’s Park and behind the Glenway golf course.”

“Official start is 10am and we’ll hang around until noon.  Any amount of time you can spend at the site is always appreciated. If it rains more than the occasional light stuff, of course, I’ll cancel and will just send out another email for June’s work parties (June 18 the regularly scheduled 3rd Saturday event,  and June 25 for more planting.)”

Jacob's ladder, Golden Alexanders, and prairie smoke in flower May 15 at the Glenway Prairie, photo by S. Glass

“The plan is to continue cleaning up the 3 sites in that area: garlic mustard removal from the prairie and wildflower areas, heavy weeding of the wildflower area directly across from the prairie, all to keep up with the weedy stuff and in preparation for the arrival of 100 new plants June 25th from the Plant Dane! program.”

“While planting is definitely more fun than weeding, we do need the former after a particularly mixed batch of heat, rain, cold, and more rain.  (I will bring some seeds to scatter, however, in the hopes that the weekend’s promised showers will give them a good start.)”

“I have some gloves and gardening tools, and will bring water and healthier (but still with chocolate) cookies.  If you have gloves that resist little burrs and a favorite hand spade or small hand pruner,  just bring those and your willingness to get dirty.”

“Look forward to seeing familiar faces and maybe some new ones as well. And maybe the orioles in the woods behind the path will flash for us a little color while we’re there….the indigo buntings and orioles have been at my feeders and orange slices for a good week now.”

“Feel free to email with questions or suggestions.”

“Your DMNA path chair,”




About Steve Glass

The blogger is a restoration ecologist, Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (#0093 SER) and writer living in the Midwestern United States.
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