PFAS Chemicals in Bloodstream of 99% of All Americans

PFAS, (polyfluoalkyl chemicals), called the forever chemical because they do not break down are everywhere and in the bodies of 99% of all Americans according to a January 2019 study from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported in Our Daily Planet (11.20.19).

In an earlier report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) PFAS compounds may be in the drinking water of up to 110 million Americans.

PFAS are an environmental threat to our ground and surface waters and our drinking water, thus making the chemicals a human health hazard.

Yes, despite these alarming facts, the Trump administration has threatened to veto any congressional action on these ‘forever chemicals.’ House hearings on action to address PFAS use and exposure began yesterday in Washington. Here is a link to part of the congressional hearing.

PFAS are used in many consumer products, included carpets, couches, and food packaging; this, in addition to their use in foam firefighting retardant.

To learn more about this environmental threat and human health hazard go to this link from Our Daily Planet.

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