6 Responses to SW Bike Path Prescribed Prairie Fires

  1. Bonnie McMullin-Lawton says:

    Beautiful, Steve! Great publicity.

    Missed you at the Village Bar but we had a nice little get together with most of the crew.

    So pleased to have all that behind us.

    -Bonnie McMullin-Lawton

  2. sandy stark says:

    Great first photo of the Odana Prairie sign with flames behind it.
    Steve, can I post that one photo on the DMNA website page? do I need another link to photo?

    Sandy Stark

  3. Sue Reindollar says:

    What a great burn! Thanks so much, Steve, and thanks to all the volunteers. Great pictures, really great! It is certainly true that these pixs are good advertisement for what always needs to be done to creat a healthy habitat. And, yeah, you should have celebrated with us at the Village Bar for what I consider the true beginning of spring and the growing season. Sue Reindollar

    • Steve Glass says:

      Thanks Sue. Yes, you are right: it’s a great combination of habitat restoration, volunteers and civic engagement. Can’t wait to see your prairie start to green up in the next week or so. Then it will be time to celebrate again.

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