“The Man Who Planted Trees”

Is an inspiring, and award-winning French language animation about a shepherd who devoted his life to transforming (restoring) a barren landscape by planting acorns, and propagating beech and other native trees.

This enchanting 30-minute ecological restoration fable (best listened to in the French with English sub-titles) takes place between the two World Wars and tells the tale of an ecological, social, and cultural restoration of a degraded and ravaged countryside.  Because of this one man’s efforts, a forest develops, springs and groundwater are recharged, wildlife returns, and humans again inhabit the area.

The animation and the original story are both in the public domain.  Thanks to my friend Stephen Thomforde for sending it along.



About Steve Glass

The blogger is a restoration ecologist, Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (#0093 SER) and writer living in the Midwestern United States.
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