Arboretum Secret Pond Photo Update

The Secret Pond project continues to move ahead with the significant excavation of the pond foot print now complete.  Soil has been piled high on the site and many truckloads of native Arboretum soil  hauled away for disposal.

Here are a few photos from August.

A breech in the soil erosion prevention fencing

This violation of the erosion prevention plan has not been corrected since it was first observed in early August.

Oops! It's just another violation of the soil erosion plan--nothing to worry about really!

It's amazing what men and their earth-moving toys can do! But who cleans up the mess?

Won't this new pond be a welcome addition to the neighborhood? Let's see--algal growth, foul smells, and a mosquito breed ground.



About Steve Glass

The blogger is a restoration ecologist, Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (#0093 SER) and writer living in the Midwestern United States.
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